Snacking has become the talk of the town nowadays amongst all age groups. Infact snacks are able to make their way to almost in every occasion, whether it's a small celebration or even at kitty parties. Snacks are a mandatory guest at every gathering.

We all know that Snacks have always been a part of our daily lifestyle. But do we know exactly what comprises a snack? A snack generally refers to any food item that is eaten between the three-time meals. It usually consists of a light but not fulfilling eatables like popcorn, peanuts, or biscuits.

Not to deny that Everyone loves snacking anytime and anywhere as it gives instant satisfaction to unwanted hunger pangs. But in recent times looking at the serious health issues and more awareness to healthy lifestyle living, many people restrict having snacks. But snacking cannot be completely stopped right? And this is where our crunchy crackling healthy chikki bars come to our rescue.

Chikkis are nothing but a great combination of jaggery, peanuts, and other natural ingredients. Chikkis are a wonderful Indian traditional delicious snack that is full of vital nutrients like protein, iron, vitamins, etc enough to give you the much-needed energy to survive the day.

- Groundnut chikkis can lower the chances of strokes and coronary artery diseases by lowering bad cholesterol.

- Peanuts contain vitamin E, zinc, and magnesium, which can improve the glow of your skin and also fights against acne-causing bacteria.

- Chikkis can boost collagen synthesis and that helps in cell regeneration.

- Chikkis are a rich source of iron, and it can help to make the bones strong and healthy.

Origin of the Most Loved Chikki:

As Chikkis are loved by everyone but do you know where did this delightful snack bar originated from? Actually, the story goes back to Lonavala, Maharashtra where in 1990's the train services were started from Lonavala to Mumbai. This is where Mr. Maganlal Aggarwal (a famous local sweet shop) started selling a semi-liquid mix of jaggery, peanuts, and ghee to the travelers. He often referred to this as Gud Dani.

Soon looking at the popularity of this sweet snack amongst the passengers the Railway officials decided to have these chikkis in the packaged form to be served to its passengers. And this led to the massive popularity of Maganlal Chikki or Lonavala chikki and the rest is all history.

After this the market was flooded with different variations of chikkis with every vendor coming up with their own version of snack bar. And since then every time these delectable chikkis have won every foodie's heart.

But one thing is for sure to say that these chikkis are not just ordinary ones, they have some unique interesting names which are called with love in different parts of India.

And here they are:

North India (Bihar, Uttar Pradesh) - Layiya Patti, Gajak or Maroonda

West Bengal - Gur Badam

Telangana, Andra Pradesh - Palli Patti

Kerala - Kappalandi Muthai

Telangana - Kadalai Mithai

Preparation and Types:

This amazing sweet treat with a dose of nutritional punch is made of jaggery, peanuts/groundnuts or any other form of nuts.

At Sapre's the best quality of peanuts are used and they are well roasted until brown and the skin turns out. Then these well-roasted peanuts are mixed with natural jaggery and nutmeg powder before it is rolled onto the plate to give it a nice square/ rectangle shape of energy snack bars.

Peanut Chikki:

One of the most nutritious and wholesome snack item made of jaggery and peanuts. This becomes the most sought after snacking item to be eaten during winters owing to its many health benefits not compromising on the taste. Loved by childrens as well as elders as it gives an instant boost of energy to the body.

Health Benefits of Peanut Chikki / शेंगदाणा चिक्की by Sapre Foods

Crush Peanut Chikki:

This type of chikki has its own separate fan base. It is rich in protein and it helps to increase good cholesterol in the body which is beneficial for the heart. This type of chikkis are prepared with peanuts getting into coarsely ground powder followed by mixing it with jaggery and nutmeg powder.

Health Benefits of Crush Chikki / क्रश चिक्की (90 g) by Sapre Foods

3 in 1 Chikki:

This classic 3 in 1 chikki is a perfect combination of Peanut, Sesame Seed & Amaranth. A wholesome source of fiber, nutrition, and protein, that is best suited across all age groups as an energy bar. This sweet, crunchy delight makes it a must-have snack ideal for both tea-time servings and night-time hunger cravings.

Health Benefits of Three in One Chikki / ३ इन १ चिक्की (90 g) by Sapre Foods

Til Chikki:

Chikki made of white sesame seeds is another favorite amongst people of all age groups during winters. Sesame aka til is good for health keeping the body warm internally during winters.

Health Benefits of Til Chikki / तीळ चिक्की (90 g) by Sapre Foods

Rajgira Chikki:

Rajgira Chikki is high in fiber and highly recommended to those who are into a weight loss regime. It provides a good source of nutrients to keep the bones, muscles, and heart fit and fine. Also, this is a great Snacking item loved by all age groups and also compliments during fasting as well.

Health Benefits of Rajgira Chikki / राजगिरा चिक्की by Sapre Foods So is your mouth watering already? How about getting these delicious healthy snack bars at your homes right away? And if you are confused about which one to buy then we are of the opinion that all of these types are worth indulging.

Start your chikki journey with the best options available online at  So what are you waiting for? what’s better than to relish this winter season with a delicious chikki bar along with your friends and family.


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